Do you know why you shouldn’t miss GeoAmericas 2020?

Jorge Zornberg

I won’t miss GeoAmericas 2020 because of the strength of its technical content… with so many opportunities to seize it, whether you are a novice or an expert on geosynthetics.

Daniele Cazzuffi

I won’t miss GeoAmericas 2020 online because I’ve many friends in Brasil, many friends in the Americas, and now it’s the perfect time to consolidate our strong relationship, both professional and also human.

Chungsik Yoo

I won’t miss GeoAmericas 2020 because this event will present most recent technical advances in geosynthetics in addition to keynote and invited lectures by prominent experts in these areas. 

Don’t miss the inaugural Jorge Zornberg Lecture as well.  There are a number of reasons why you should not miss this event.


Dawie Marx

I won't miss GeoAmericas 2020 because of the exciting ways Young Members can connect and participate from across the world.  GeoAmericas 2020 - anywhere and everywhere.

Francisco Pizarro.jpg

Francisco Pizarro

I won’t miss Geoamericas 2020 because is the perfect time to be on top of the research and new technologies on geosynthetics. 

Nathalie Touze

I won’t miss GeoAmericas 2020 online. The first IGS regional conference on geosynthetics online ever. An innovative way of sharing knowledge and experience on geosynthetics.

Francesco Fontana

I won’t miss Geoamericas2020 because it is the first opportunity after such a long time to bring together the international community of geosynthetics, because it’s a sign of hope and continuity together with the chance to keep up to date with the last technical and environmental developments. On top of it is an exciting challenge because of the online formula, and I’m eager to make such an experience with an unprecedented participation possibility.

Ian Fraser.JPG

Ian Fraser

I won’t miss GeoAmericas 2020 because it provides a fantastic opportunity to be updated on the latest advances in geosynthetic technology and practice. Covid-19 has brought many clouds but one example of a silver lining is the chance to access this incredible resource without traveling beyond my own home.

John McCartney

I won't miss GeoAmericas 2020 because I'm excited to learn about new Geosynthetics research and practical applications.

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Ennio Palmeira

I will not miss GeoAmericas 2020 because it is the most important conference on Geosynthetics of the Americas and an unique opportunity to know about the most important and most recent developments on Geosynthetics.

Don’t miss GeoAmericas 2020!