Geosynthetics Solutions for a Fast-Changing World


This will be the motto of GeoAmericas 2020 Online. In the 4th edition of the Pan American Geosynthetics Conference, we intend to establish a forum to discuss how geosynthetics can contribute to modern society in the face of its challenges and demands.


Some topics should guide the themes of technical sessions and the other activities in the event program:

  • Case Histories

  • Design Approaches and Numerical Solutions

  • Drainage and Filtration

  • Durability and Long Term Performance

  • Geosynthetics in Environmental Applications

  • Geosynthetics in Dynamic Applications

  • Geosynthetics in Hydraulic Applications

  • Geosynthetics in Mining Applications

  • Geosynthetics in Highways and Railways

  • Geosynthetics Properties

  • Geosynthetics Solutions for Natural Disasters

  • Innovative Uses and Solutions

  • New Geosynthetic Products

  • Reinforced Walls and Slopes

  • Reinforcement of Embankments and Unpaved Roads

  • Seismic Analysis and Applications of Geosynthetics Solutions

  • Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction

  • Sustainability of Earth Works with Geosynthetics


We also intend to promote a discussion about IGS role in disseminating knowledge and in broad education about the correct use of geosynthetics.


Get involved!

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