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New trends in the use of Geomembranes

The ideal choice of geomembranes can guarantee the project a better cost benefit, combined with the durability and performance of the system. Research and development parameters bring a new look towards innovation and sustainability!

Palestrante: Eng. Daniel Meucci

Mini Curriculo: Environmental Engineer with specialization in Health and Safety Engineering with +8 years of experience in geosynthetics for application in environmental protection projects and works.

Technical Capacitation in Welding of Polyethylene Geomembranes by CIP Chile in 2020.

Member of the Brazilian Association of Geosynthetics (IGS Brasil) since 2014 and active member of the Youth Group of IGS Brasil since 2019. Works as TechGround Engineer responsible for technical support to customers, comercial staff, service companies and designers in Geosynthetics application works in the national and international market.