In this action, interested Sponsors will adopt two students and cover the costs of their registration in GeoAmericas 2020. There will be a draw to choose the students according to the regulations described below.


1. General Provisions:

a. The program is EXCLUSIVE for students (undergraduate or graduate), who are members of IGS or their Chapters.

b. The program is EXCLUSIVE for Sponsors or Exhibitors of GeoAmericas 2020.

c. The minimum number of quotas for carrying out the action is 10 quotas (20 students).

d. Maximum number of quotas: unlimited.

e. Single quota fee: USD 540 (sponsorship of 2 students)


2. Counterparts:   

a. Insertion of the company logo on the t-shirts that all drawn students (2 t-shirts per student) will wear on two pre-defined days during the conference.

b. Display of the company logo on a specific slide screened in the Conference’ rooms during breaks between lectures and sessions;

c. Display of the company logo on T-shirts of the ‘Sponsor a Student at GeoAmericas 2020’ program, which will be used by the selected students on two predetermined days;

d. Institutional presentation of the Sponsor in an exclusive 15-minute session, in a Conference room, for young people and students;

e. Display of the company logo in the two sessions dedicated to young people and students (IGS Awards and Young Members Sessions), through a specific slide at the opening of the sessions and side banners;

f. The company logo will be displayed on a digital invitation for Young Members Sessions sent to students participating in the Conference;

g. The company logo will be displayed on the website's programme for Young Members Sessions;

h. The company logo will be displayed on the specific page of this action in the Conference website.


3. Selection:  

a. The selection process will be through a draw among students who have subscribed to the program within the stipulated deadline.

b. The first students to take part in the draw will be those who are authors or co-authors of articles approved in GeoAmericas 2020, members of IGS or its Chapters. If there are more vacancies than the number of students who are authors or co-authors, the draw will be extended to non-author, IGS member students.


4. Deadlines:

a. Limit date for students to submit to the Sponsor a Student at GeoAmericas 2020 Program: 03/06/2020

b. Limit date for companies to join the program: 03/06/2020

c. Announcement of draw results: 03/10/2020



5. Students’ Submission:


a. Applications will be done by filling out a specific form in the Sponsorship area in GeoAmericas 2020 website.

b. Students who submitted will receive an e-mail with the results of the draw.

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