GeoAmericas 2016

3rd PanAmerican Conference on Geosynthetics, held in Miami, USA, from April 10 to 13, 2016 - an event promoted by the North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS), affiliated to IGS.

More than 1100 attended it, and more than 200 works were presented during the 4-day technical program in almost 50 technical sessions. The event had a wide area for the technical expo, where 95 companies and institutions of the sector, from different countries, were present as exhibitors.

With a topic focused on the sustainability appeal of solutions with geosynthetics, the event offered, in addition to the parallel technical sessions, training sessions and workshops, mini-courses, and discussion forums. Four plenary lectures were offered by four internationally renowned professionals:

Lifetime Predictions of Exposed Geotextiles and Geomembranes - Robert Koerner (USA)

Stabilization of Paved Roads Using Geosynthetics - Jorge Zornberg (USA)

Global Challenges, Geosynthetic Solutions and Counting Carbon - Neil Dixon (UK)

Call to Action - The Urgency to Protect Our Coastal Communities - Dale Morris / Nathalie Olijslager-Jaarsma (USA)

  • More than 1100 attendees

  • More than 200 works presented

  • 4-days technical program

  • 50 technical sessions

  • 95 exhibitors at the show

In addition to the emphasis on topics related to environmental protection, other topics included mining applications, coastal protection applications, performance and durability of geosynthetic barriers, and applications of geosynthetics in soil improvement, to name a few. Many cases of works of great interest have been published. Students and young professionals also had ample space especially dedicated to them in the event's program.

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