Short Courses

Geosynthetic Design for Roadways, Railways and Airfields (Jorge Zornberg and Erol Tutumluer)

Reinforced Embankments on Soft Soils  (Ennio Palmeira)

Geosynthetics Barriers  (Timoty Stark)

Geomembrane Installation (Julio Ferreira)

Geosynthetic Design for Roadways, Railways and Airfields (Jorge Zornberg and Erol Tutumluer)


Keynote Lectures

Welcome Lecture: Brazilian contribution in Geosynthetics Engineering - Márcio Almeida
Chair: Victor Pimentel (Brazil)

Zornberg Lecture: Lessons learned from physical modelling of geosynthetic system - Richard Brachman
Chair: Chungsik Yoo (S. Korea)

Mercer Lecture: Reinforced Embankments on Soft Soils - R. Kerry Rowe
Chair: Jorge Zornberg (USA)

Limit State Design Framework for Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls and Slopes - D. Leshchinsky
Chair: Ennio Palmeira (Brazil)

Geosynthetics in Mining - Denys Parra
Chair: Maria das Graças Gardoni (Brazil)

Geosynthetics Reinforced Paved and Unpaved Roads - Jie Han
Chair: Jorge Zornberg (USA)

Robert Koerner Lecture: Lessons Learned: Adventure in 4 Decades of Geosynthetics Engineering - Barry Christopher


Special Session

IGS Student Award - Chair: Lucia D´avilla / Secretary: Laura Carbone


Discussion Sessions

DS1 - Reinforced Walls under Seismic Conditions
Richard J. Bathurst (Canadá) / K. Hatami (USA)

DS2 - Geotextile Filter Clogging
Nicola Moraci (Italy) / Barry Christopher (USA)

DS3 - Geosynthetics in Pavements
Jorge G. Zornberg / Erol Tutumluer (USA)

DS4 - Soil-Geosynthetics Interaction
Alejo O. Sfriso (Argentina) / Laura Carbone (Germany)

DS5 -Geosynthetic Encased Granular Column
Márcio S.S. Almeida (Brazil) / Dimiter Alexiev (Germany)

DS6 -Long Term Performance of Geosynthetics
Fady Abdelaaul (Canada) / Julio Ferreira (Brazil)

DS7 -Geosynthetics Standards
Sam Allen (USA) / Delma Vidal (Brazil)

DS8 - Failures and Lessons Learned
Guillermo Montestruque (Brazil) / Bob Holtz (USA)

DS9 - Geosynthetics and Climate Changes
Francesco Fontana (Italy)

DS10 -Geosynthetics in Landfills
Caraig Benson (USA) / Vinícius Benjamin (Brazil)

DS11 - Geosynthetics Education
Chairs: Jorge Zornberg (USA), Ennio Palmeira (Brazil), Rosemberg Reyes (Mexico), Marco Montoro (Argentina), Richard Bathurst (Canada)


Technical Sessions

TS1 - Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction 1

TS2 -Geosynthetics in Highway and Railways 1

TS3 -Environmental Applications 1

TS4 -Geosynthetics Testing &

TS5 -Reinforced Walls and Slopes 1

TS6 -Soil-Geosynthetics Interaction 2

TS7 -Geosynthetics in Highway and Railways 2

TS8 -Environmental Applications 2

TS9 -Inovative Uses and Solutions

TS10 -Case Histories 1

TS11 -Geosynthetics in Mining 1

TS12 -Design Approaches and Numerical Solutions

TS13 – Reinforcement of Embankments on Unpaved Roads

TS14 -Reinforced Walls and Slopes 2

TS15 -Geosynthetics in Mining 2

TS16 -Geosynthetics in Highways and Railways 3

TS17 -Durability Long Term Performance Railways 2

TS18 -Case Histories 2

TS19 Case Histories 3

TS -TC Barriers

TS -TC Hydraulics

TS-Young Members


Training Lectures

TL1 - Reinforced Embankments on Soft Soils - Sandro Sandroni (Brazil)

TL2 - Reinforced Walls - Maurício Ehrlich

TL3 - Diseño de Pavimentos Reforzados con Geosintéticos - A.M.Alza (Peru)

TL4 - Geotextile Filters - Ennio M. Palmeira (Brazil)

TL5 - Measurement of soil-geosynthetic interface strength - Rosemberg Reyes Ramirez (Mexico)

TL6 - Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankments on Soft Foundations - Bob Holtz (USA)

TL7 - Leak Detection Systems

TL8 - Damage and leakage effects on geomembrane performance - Richard Brachman (USA)

TL9 - Control de calidad de la instalación de geomembranas - Carlos Centurion (Peru)

TL10 - Geosynthetics Use and Design in Paved and Unpaved Low-Volume Roads - Gordon Keller (USA)

TL11 - Geosynthetic Encased Granular Columns - Erol Güler (Turkey)

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